Tuesday, November 15, 2011

50th Birthday Survival Kit

I know I promised to show you yesterday's craft, but the Christmas tree pins are taking long than expect to make. Plus we did a little reworking of the original idea. Instead I decided to show you the 50th birthday survival kit I made for my brother-in-law.

I got the idea from LEIA LEGWEAK'S HANDMADE CRAFTS. I wanted to give him stuff he would use and still be funny.  This is my kit.

I got a storage container at Walmart for $4. I printed the labels that read "50th Birthday Survival Kit" on sticker paper.

The items inside all had labels that were also printed on sticker paper. You can get the list Here.

·       Duct tape- instant face lift
·       Red tablets- to encourage hair regrowth
·       Needle nose pliers- for getting rid of nose hairs
·       Glue- hold everything together
·       First aid kit- for when you fall down
·       Rubber bands- to get your flexibility back
·       Little blue pills- for increased sex drive
·       Memory mints – for those senior moments
·       WD40- to lubricate your joints
·       Magnifying glass- for when you lose your eye sight
·       Starburst- for a burst of energy
·       Notebook- to write things down before you forget

I got most of my items at the dollar store and the rest, I got at Walmart. This was a fairly cheap and fun gift. 

I will be linking up here: Todays Creative BlogTip Junkie handmade projects


  1. Thanks for linking me - your kit looks great! I hope your brother-in-law likes it x

  2. How cheeky! I hope your brother had a good laugh.

  3. Ha ha!! I didn't see it before but it is hilarious! I hope he liked it;)


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