Monday, November 14, 2011

Painted Tables

It has been crazy around here. I have been working lots of late nights last week. Which is awesome! Woohoo need the money for craft supplies. I also don't have working internet at my house, which means I need to post from Red Maple Cottage.

Today I want to share with you some painted tables. These are all mom painted. I don't have before picture because mom starts painting as soon as she has her hands on the piece of furniture. I don't have time to get there with my camera.

This moose one, and the next two lodge themed tables were painted on  ordinary folding t.v. tray tables that were purchased at Good Will for $3.

 This one is my favorite.

Mom likes the bear one the best.

Ok maybe I like this one the best. The Scottie dog was painted on an old end table we found at a thrift store for $6. I think it is perfect for Christmas time with the plaid background, but its too cute, I wouldn't want to put anything on it.

Today is craft day! Mom and I are making Christmas tree pins out of felt. Check back tomorrow to see our creations. I am linking up here:
Sumo's Sweet Stuff
Keeping It Simple


  1. Those are precious!!! My favorite is the last table! Wow!!!!

  2. Such fun tables! They definitely change up the humdrum of plain wood.

  3. i absolutely love it. i want to get the bear one for my son... lovely blog. :)

    following. :)


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