Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Storage Bin Hunt link up

Sorry I have been MIA the past few days. It has been rather crazy around here. You see the Hubs and I are trying to find storage bins to go on a bookshelf that we are in the process of clearing off.
The Hubs took the picture with his phone and I said we are in the process of clearing it off. We decide we want to fill it with the same bins we have in our pantry. 
I bought them last year at the Christmas Tree Store. They are 9x9x8inches, non-woven collapsible bins. We figured we need about 38 of them. 


We have looked in over 10 stores in the past 3 days and online..Nothing! It doesn't help that the Hubs want it to be exactly this, same color and all. 

Now I need to get creative. If I can't find what I want I need to make it right?  I need your help. I need something that is not expensive, fits those dimensions, and cannot be clear.  The winner will be featured on my blog. 

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  1. I think Target may have the bins you are looking for, not sure about that color though...also try Ikea and The Container Store. I was in both stores this weekend and they have tons of options. I linked up my post with some of the things I am doing to my craft space.

  2. Lexi,it is a pity that your husband wants the exact kind of bins but I saw some similar bins today at the Dollar Tree.They were polka dot but not as large as that.I have some blue ones to yours and got them at Walmart years ago.

  3. Do the bins you have, have a tag with their manufacturer on them, that you could look up online. that is how I have found things I wanted. I hope they do, for your sake. :)

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  5. hey, check out kmart.com and search non woven bin you'll find them $2.50 this week...hope it helps

  6. Hi. Wish I could get myself together to be that organised. Good luck with all the hard work. Following from Mom bloggers.


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