Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Red Maple Cottage Living Room

Day 3 without power! This roughing it thing is getting old. I need dinner ideas! Help!

Since Red Maple Cottage has power and internet and I was told to stay home from work today unless they really needed me (still checking the phone), I decide to come to Red Maple Cottage to do some laundry and cook dinner (I will need to reheat it on the grill at home tho).

While I am at RMC I can post here, Facebook and Twitter and keep in touch with all of you. I really do appreciate all the sweet thoughts and comments.

So....since I am at RMC, lets show you around. Today, we have the living room......Walk in the front door and we have the small entry way.

I love the stain glass look on the door. It is a special paint that my mom used on the regular door window .

Now lets enter the living room.
If you turn to the left, there is the wall with the red maple.

Again the letter were cut out using my cricut and the pillow was found at Savers with the house already on it. Mom added the maple tree and the words. Next to the couch you see a red lamp shade.

It used to be white; mom painted it Red.

Ok..Now turn right again. Don't trip over the coffee table.

This is another one of mom's works of art. It was a plain wooden coffee table. She painted it white and stenciled the red boarder on. She also painted the "M" on the the wooden box. ( "M" is the initial of my maiden name, but I'm sure you figured that out). The coffee table matches the window valences. You can see those if you turn around. 

These were also painted and stenciled by mom. That lamp shade was crochet by my grandfather (mom's dad..aka my wild Irish Rose).
 There is Picasso, the watch dog. Next to him is another table painted by mom.
All hand painted. (FYI  you will soon see some of her stuff available on my new Etsy shop... and there will be a grand opening of my Etsy shop with a giveaway..soon)

Now turn to the right, near the front door.
That cabinet is another of mom's painted pieces.
ok now turn around..back toward the stairs.
Head toward the stairs. Can you spot the other mom paint furniture piece?

Yup the video cabinet. Painted with red maple leaves. She has painted this one many many times. But this look is definitely my favorite. OOOhh I almost forgot, turn to the left.
See the brick wall. Yea its paint with another mom painting of a topiary tree. The runner on the stairs is painted as well.
The wood on the stairs was wood but not nice hard word flooring. That is easily changed with some paint.

Hope you had a nice tour of the living room. See you tomorrow, maybe we will take a look at the kitchen.

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