Monday, October 24, 2011

Paper anniversary

Yesterday was my first wedding anniversary and I really wanted to stick to the traditional gifts, at least in some aspect. Unfortunately, my sweet sentimental gift of a scrapbook of our first year together was upstaged when my hubs bought me the sewing machine I have been wanting for a very long time. (the hubs can never wait to give a gift, so as soon as he buys it he has to give it to you)
I felt the need to get him something he would at least use more than the scrapbook. Not having much time to shop I bought him a prefilled caddy for screws , nuts ,bolts etc.

I also bought a couple monster energy drinks. He loves them. I will explain why I don't have a picture in a minute.
These gifts were obviously not paper, so I had the great idea to make him guess what I bought him. Unfortunately, things didn't work that way. But this is what he was suppose to open.
Two pieces of paper, one says "I got you this gift because I am "nuts" about you"  with a picture of a nut and bolt. The other says "I got you this gift because I know it is something you like" with a picture of a monster on it. Then he would have had to at least attempt to guess what I got him. 

Here's what really happened:
Saturday, the day before our anniversary, the hubs and I had to go to a party for a friend. I was getting ready and had not assembled the friend's gift yet , plus part of it was still in my car. I asked hubs to go get the bag that was in my back seat, forgetting all about his present in the car as well. The hubs comes back in the house carrying the bag I asked for and asks if I was sure that was the only bag in the car, in that "are you sure you wanna do that " kinda tone. That is when I remembered where I left his gifts. Needless to say, he guessed correctly when I gave him the papers. I don't have a picture of the energy drinks because they were gone as soon as he discovered them. 

I will post the scrapbook at in another post. 


  1. My husband can never wait to give me gifts either. It kinda drives me nuts. I like surprises!

  2. I have been married for 6 years and my husband can be very thought full. He likes to make me believe he has forgotten a gift and then presents one. Congrats on your anniversary.


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