Monday, October 17, 2011

Wine bag and ornament

Whew! Last week was crazy. I had to work longer unexpected hours last week. Which was great but unplanned. That means I neglected the blogging world. But I didn't go too far.

Last Mon was my in-laws Anniversary. I wanted to give them a gift but funds were low. I knew they like wine and champagne. But I needed to dress up the bottle a bit. I found a great idea at Under the Table and Dreaming Hers is a no-sew. I decided to sew mine..mostly because I didnt have to go out and by anything. This is what mine looks like.

I wish I took pictures of the process but I did it rather quickly. Here is how I made the whole gift.

  1. First I bought a bottle of champagne. (It is an Anniversay gift after all)
  2. Next I got 3 sheets of felt. (luckily for me, my mom has a whole stash of felt)
  3. I sewed the 3 pieces together top to bottom until I had a complete ring.
  4. Then I laid the ring flat with the piece of felt on the bottom folded and the other 2 pieces forming my front and back. ( just picture the final product laying on a surface.)
  5. I traced the bottom of my bottle, and cut out a opening in one piece of felt.
  6. Then I sew the sides together, leaving a 1"-1.5" opening at the bottom (this allows the bag to sit flat when you put the bottle in)
  7. After it was all sewn together, I reached in the whole and flipped the bag inside out. Now my bag was done and it was on to the ornament.
  8. I used a jar top from a relish jar. Washed and dried it.
  9. I asked my hubs to drill a whole in one of the sides of the lid. (he is better at power tools than I am)
  10. Once I had a whole, I cut some ribbon and threaded it through the whole then knotted it to make a loop.
  11. I cut out  U shapes from felt and hot glued them around the lid to make the flower.
  12. The last step was the center ..It is just a button I found that id hot glued in the center.
  13. All I had to do was put the bottle in the bag and the ornament around it.
Under the Table and Dreaming has a much better tutorial.

They loved it. They got to toast their Anniversary and now they can reuse the bag to give someone else some wine.
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