Friday, October 21, 2011

Red Maple Cottage

I promised to show you Red Maple Cottage, aka my parents' house. My mother is a very talented decorative painter, sewer, gardener and queen of all things crafty. My creativity comes from her.

This is the front of her house this fall

This is The living room of Red Maple Cottage

I made the vinyl letters using my Cricut, then it was just peel and stick. The tree is a metal wall art piece that my mom bought at Costco. It was originally all bronze. Red spray paint turned it into a Red maple tree.
This pillow was purchased at Savers (one of my favorite stores). It already had the house painted on. My mom added the maple tree and "Red Maple Cottage". It was a perfect find though. Doesn't the house look just like Red Maple Cottage?

This is some the Fall decor in the backyard. I will have to show you more pictures of Red Maple Cottage later. The backyard is beautiful, especially in the summer.

For now I have to get going to work. Later I will be making a cake for my brother-in-law's birthday dinner tonight. Check back tomorrow for those pictures.

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  1. I really like you blog! Thanks for visiting mine and for your sweet comment. I hope you are...(you know). I know that feeling of suspense. Good luck!

    New follower.

  2. You are really very creative Lexi! I love to craft too.Maybe,I will post some crafty stuff on my site sometime.Take care and have a great day!

  3. I am in love with all of this! The cottage is my dream home! :) Thank you for sharing!! :) Kristen - The Natural Mother

  4. an absolute beautiful home!!! i love it!!! Your mom is very talented!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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